Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Tell me and I Forget
Teach me and I Remember
Involve me and I Learn

                 -Benjamin Franklin



Saturday, August 8, 2020

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom

What is education?

Education brings a natural and lasting change in an individual’s reasoning and ability to achieve the targeted goal. It facilitates us to investigate our own considerations and thoughts and makes it ready to express it in various shapes.
Education is the main thing that encourages us to distinguish between right and wrong because in the absence of education, we can’t do what we need or we can’t achieve our goal. 
Straightforwardly, we can say, “education is the passage to progress”. It is additionally the way to our fate as achievements can only be accomplished when individuals have information, aptitudes, and frame of mind. In this way, education resembles a medium through which we can associate with various individuals and offer our thoughts.

To tackle issues and do inventiveness we first need to gain proficiency with some essential abilities. We require learning and abilities to wind up increasingly imaginative. So education is fundamentally learning of abilities and ideas that can make us increasingly innovative and issue solver. Education is to pick up the capacity to develop and take care of issues in order to achieve their lawful motives.

What are the Advantages of Education?

Secured life:

  • The economic development of a country is raised through human capital which is only possible through education. Education makes a person well-standardized and makes him well secured in life. Thus, all people in a country can raise the economic status only if they are well educated. Through this tool, more talented human resources are obtained with higher efficiency. So, learning should be started from a smaller age slowly, to make the children understand in depth.

Vast outlook:

  • This is among the main advantages of education. Each person has their unique thoughts. When they get educated, their thought is expanded to a greater perspective and it leads to the invention of unbelievable things. Also, the difference between good and bad activities can be set apart easily. This helps the country free from all violent activities.

Field of Interest:

  • Education is not about learning one thing entirely. But has various branches that can be chosen according to our interests. This helps a person to excel in his field of interest. Also the non-academic like music and art etc. is important. Hence, it helps the people to gain more confidence and helps interaction among others easily.

Future life:

  • The jobs are allocated for the people according to the knowledge they possess. Education ensures us with a secure and stable life. The basic necessity for a human being can be fulfilled by having an educational experience.


  • Education clears out the thought of inequality. It makes the people to be friendly to others. Uneducated people see differences in family background, religion, etc. But this eventually does not matter when we educate ourselves and others around us. And that ultimately, we are all in the same place and have the same goals in life

Types of Education

Education goes beyond what takes places within the four walls of the classroom. A child gets the education from his experiences outside the school as well as from those within on the basis of these factors. There are three main types of education, namely, Formal, Informal and Non-formal. Each of these types is discussed below.