• Chemistry(Class VI-XII, B.Sc (Chem) Hons, B.Sc Pass Course)
  • Biology(Class VI- XII)
  • Mathematics(Class VI-XII)
  • Physics(Class VI-X)
  • Hindi(Class VI-X)
  • English & Bengali(both up to Class X)
  • Mock Tests for 10th and 12th standard

Special Classes for Competitive Exams : 

  • NEET
Note : i) Competitive Exams classes are for Chemistry & Biology only.
           ii) For pandemic situation,we are offering only Online classes                      now. Regular offline & online classes will start as soon as                the  situation gets better with relaxation of norms by Central   Govt.

Advantages of Online Classes

Online classes are proving to be quite advantageous to many students. Since the students are being handed over the materials to study at the comfort of their home, the productivity level is most likely to rise. Studying at home also means that the students save up on the time which they used to travel to their school or coaching institutes. Students can use this time to adjust their extra studying sessions. Another advantage of online classes is that the students are given the opportunity to have flexibility in their studies. Some students are also not able to study well in pressurizing situations, so studying at home provides them with the comfortable environment in which they can progress well.

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